We are hiring!

We are hiring the best IT Specialists in Novi Sad

Hybrid IT Solutions will start in February with her first development office in Novi Sad, Serbia. As we would like start collaborating with great software developers, I would like to see if you would be interested in a position in our new business. We have our first Dutch clients who would like to work with experienced Serbian Software Developers from our office in Park City.

In general, we would be able to offer great projects within existing development teams of the clients in The Netherlands. We will let our developers work remote from the office in Novi Sad. Those teams will be split, so the communication is firm and constant possible. As one of the bigger advantages for developers who work remote… they get to work on the cooler projects as there is no difference between our developers and the client’s own developers.

The work plan
The software developers will have a daily standup with their team in The Netherlands via Skype. The first month, the developers will visit The Netherlands for the complete first month to build a relationship with their future team members. That will be paid completely and there is a daily expense compensation, besides the apartment and the salary.
Every two months, there is a full week in The Netherlands as well, also completely paid and arranged by us.

On normal work days, the developers would have the daily standup via Skype in the conference room, and a daily update at the end of the day. Besides that, they are using Skype/Slack/Google Talk to communicate with the team members in The Netherlands and the other way around of course.

We have great projects to offer with all new technology stack. Think of Java, SpringMVC, Elasticsearch stack and MS Azure for a new cloud platform in a complex market, within a company in Amsterdam with one of the biggest energy companies backing them. They are looking to work closely with us and six of our developers.

What do we offer
We offer well-paid salaries, private insurance, gym subscription, 25 holidays and your national holidays besides a relaxed office environment and the most awesome desks and laptops.
If you are interested in a completely open and transparent conversation without any obligations, please give me a call (via Skype: guy.recruitbycrowd) or e-mail (guy@hybrid-it.nl) so we can contact you.

If you happen to know other great and well experienced Software Developers in Novi Sad who are open for a new adventure? They are very welcome to contact us too. Maybe you can work alongside each other.